PeekTab iPad Spy Software

PeekTab FeatureHaving an iPad is like owning a portable computer that you can bring anywhere; it’s also much smaller than any laptop computers on the market – making it the best gadget to carry around. But since its capabilities are almost identical to a PC, it can also be used to browse the Internet, watch online videos, social networking activities, chatting and so on. As a matter of fact, your children might want to use the iPad over any gaming laptop or PC that you might have on your home. Therefore, it’s essential that you monitor all the activities on their iPad and this will include the websites they visited, apps they installed and other important activities on the tablet.

For this purpose, you need an innovative tablet monitoring software that can provide you with the reports you need, and there’s only one spy software that can do all these – it’s called PeekTab. With this software you can monitor all the activities on a particular iPad in real time, and you can do all this in a remote location. If you’re a business owner, it’s also possible to track the activities of your employees via their company issued iPad.

How It Works?

PeekTab is a hybrid service/software solution that is designed to monitor the Apple iPad tablets. To activate its features you need to download the spy software directly on the iPad that you want to monitor. Once it is installed, it will discreetly track the activities of the tablet user and upload all the logs on a secured online control panel. Therefore, if you want to check these logs, you simply login to your online account using a unique username and password. Always remember, you can access your control panel using a PC, laptop or even your very own tablet device.

PeekTab is both automated and easy to use. Although, the first step that you need to take is to buy the software. After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email along with your registration code. You will need this code to create your online account, so you must secure this code from your email. Also, another link will be provided to you and this will direct you to the site where you can download the spy software. You just need to have a few moments with the iPad, in order to install PeekTab on that tablet. However, if you want a more detailed instruction on the whole process, you can simply go to PeekTab’s online user guide.

If you successfully installed PeekTab on the iPad, it will remain hidden and undetectable. The tablet user won’t even know that it’s already there and monitoring his/her every move. You can efficiently track all the websites that the user had visited. So, when you login to your online account you will find a report that contains the exact web address along with the time and date. This will give you the means to know if the user is visiting inappropriate sites. Another great feature of PeekTab is its GPS locator. In fact, this software has the capability to pinpoint the exact location of the user at any given time.

It will log the longitude/latitude, time and even the exact street on a 3D map. This is relatively good for parents who want to know the whereabouts of their kids or business owners who want to track their employees on their field work. You also need to know that PeekTab can let you view the contacts that were stored on the memory of the iPad. All recorded contacts will be uploaded to your online account, so even if the user deletes those contacts – you can still view it on your control panel. Other commendable features of this spy software will include photo/calendar tracking capabilities. You can view all the photos that were stored on the memory of the iPad. This will provide you with all the evidence that you need and to know if the user has lewd or inappropriate photos.

The calendar tracking features is good for both parents and business owners, because it will let you view the calendar of activities that the user had set on their iPad. This will include the date, time and also the events on their calendar. You will know exactly their schedules and the details of their events. However, the most innovative feature of PeekTab is the fact that you can monitor all the apps that was installed by the user. This is important because you now have the means to control the app usage of the user.

Overall, PeekTab is the most significant tablet monitoring software that you can readily buy on the market today. It’s also the cheapest spy software, because it only cost around $29.97 per quarter – it’s such a great deal.