PeekTab Android Monitoring Software

PeekTab Android MonitoringPeekTab is now the most significant Android-based tablet monitoring software on the Internet. A lot of people have already expressed their interest towards this revolutionary product. As a matter of fact, this spy software has already been used by concerned parents in monitoring the activities of their kids through their Android tablets. Also, companies who issued Android tablets to most of their employees have also purchased PeekTab, and made it their primary surveillance software that can provide the most updated reports regarding their personnel. It’s a complete spy software that can deliver the results you’ve been looking for.

Why Choose PeekTab?

Actually, PeekTab is not your ordinary spy software, because it’s considered a hybrid software/service solution that was developed by a well-known company in the software industry. This spy application has several innovative features that are unique only with PeekTab. These features are designed to allow an individual see the activities of an Android-based tablet even if he/she is not around.

Therefore, if you want to experience the features that PeekTab can offer, it’s important that you first purchase the spy application. After you bought the software, you will receive a receipt email containing the registration code for the product.

You will need this registration code to create your own online account. The email will also include a link where you can download the application. Also, the spy software must be downloaded directly to the Android tablet you want to monitor; it will only take a few minutes until it’s fully installed. After installation, it will silently track the activities of that particular tablet. All recorded logs will be sent to your online control panel, so in order to check these logs – you will need to input your username and password. Always remember, all the logs that were gathered by the spy application are stored on the control panel.

Reasons to Use PeekTab Android Monitoring Software

There are many reasons why people would want to use an Android monitoring software, but due to the number of Android-based tablets that are now available on the market. People would want to have them and that includes the kids and most teenagers. Since tablets are more portable than any laptop computers and all the common functions of a PC can now be imitated by any tablet device. Common activities like browsing, chatting, social networking activities, watching videos, emails and so on are now possible with any Android based tablet.

If you’re concerned about your kids, especially if they regularly visit Facebook or any other social networking sites, then you will need to utilize PeekTab on their Android tablets. As a matter of fact, you must have an idea if your children are misbehaving online. Another important feature of PeekTab is its capability to monitor the photos and calendars on their tablet. The ability to view the photos that were stored on the memory of their tablet can bring you the evidence you need. Now you will know if they have inappropriate photos on their devices.

Also, the calendar on their tablet is where they put their future schedules. Using PeekTab, you now view their activities and this will include the date and time of that particular event. Other features of PeekTab like Web history and GPS location tracking is very essential for business owners, especially if they have several employees who own an Android-based tablet. Efficiency is very important in any type of business; you need to know if your staffs are really doing their responsibility.

PeekTab will allow you to track the whereabouts of your employees, so even if they’re on the field – you will know if they are really working. You can also track the websites that they have visited on their tablet and this will provide you with some hard evidence if they are using the company issued tablets for work or for their own leisure.

Overall, PeekTab is the most convenient way to spy on an Android-based tablet. It’s easy to download and install on your target tablet. This software even comes with a step-by-step manual that is more than capable of guiding you to the whole process. It’s also the most affordable spy software with just a minimum cost of $29.97 – you can already use the software for three months. However, getting the annual license is more advantageous since it will lower the cost even further.