PeekTab Is Now Available – A Monitoring Spy Tool for iPads

Why Choose PeekTab?

  • Affordable Price

    Affordable Price

    PeekTab will only cost you $69.97. It’s the most affordable iPad spy app. But for that small amount, it can rival any spy software that cost a hundred or even a thousand dollars more.

  • Support

    Reliable Customer Support

    All your concerns will be answered by our competent customer support representatives and they are available 24/7 via phone, email, and help desk to help you anytime you need!

  • PeekTab Free Updates

    Free Life-Time Updates

    All future updates for PeekTab iPad Spy App is free, so once you bought the software – it will be updated to the newest version available on the market and it’s all for FREE.

  • Install

    Easy to Install and Use

    PeekTab iPad Spy app is very easy to use! It can be downloaded and installed in just a few minutes. It will also come with a manual that contains all the instructions that you need to know.

  • undetectable

    100% Stealth-Mode

    PeekTab is 100% undetectable, so if you installed this software in the target iPad, it will be invisible on that mobile gadget! The iPad user won’t even know that you installed the app, because there will no trace of the software on that particular iPad.

  • Guaranteed

    Complete Customer Satisfaction

    If you think you’re not happy with the product, then you can return it to us and we will return your money without any question asked.

PeekTab Features

The Advanced Features of PeekTab

  • Notes - PeekTab enables you to experience viewing of notes and calendar events. Every note that is made in the tablet can be viewed, recorded and saved into the online control panel.
  • GPS Location Tracking - PeekTab iPad spy app will let you track the exact location of the target iPad and its user.
  • Photo and Video Tracking - This feature will let you view all the photos and videos that were saved on the memory of the target tablet.
  • URL Tracking - PeekTab will also log all the URLS that the user has visited. You can now view the sites that he/she has visited the most or know if the user is viewing sites that are lewd and provocative like porn sites and other inappropriate sites.
  • Track Contact List - This feature will allow you view all the contact number that was saved on the memory of the iPad.
  • Email Tracking - Another great feature of PeekTab iPad Spy is its capability to track and log any of the outgoing and incoming email messages. You will now have the capacity to read all the email of the iPad user.

Take a look at some screenshots from PeekTab

I’m a concerned parent and I want to track the whereabouts of my kids, and since they usually bring with them their iPad tablets. I tried a spy software specifically developed for the iPad and it’s called – PeekTab. When I successfully installed the PeekTab iPad Spy app on their iPad, I was a bit doubtful on its capabilities, but it really does work and it’s an amazing software! I can now track my kid’s exact location and I can even view the websites they’re visiting. I’m now more capable of monitoring my kids wherever they are – Thanks to PeekTab; it’s truly a remarkable monitoring software!
James H. (Atlanta, GA)

How PeekTab Works

PeekTab is a revolutionary software that can track all the activities of an iPad tablet. It can easily be downloaded and installed in the target iPad, and once it’s installed – it can no longer be detected or traced on that mobile device. Therefore, it’s 100% on stealth mode and it can record all the things that are happening on that particular iPad. It will also send all the information gathered to your secured online account, so you can check them at your convenience. Here is a detailed instruction on how you can experience the features of PeekTab:

  • Step 1: Purchase The App

    In order to access the full features of PeekTab Spy App, you need to purchase a license. After you purchased the PeekTab, you will then receive a confirmation email along with all the licensing details of the software. A manual will also be sent to you as a guide on how you can properly install the app on the target iPad.

  • Step 2: Downloading and Installing the App

    For the PeekTab to work, it needs to be downloaded and installed on the target iPad. You can simply use the iPad’s browser and go to the iPad Spy site; this is where you’ll see a detailed instruction on the process. Once you installed the software on the iPad, just wait for a couple minutes and it will already track the activities on that particular mobile tablet. So, all SMS messages, contact numbers and GPS location will be monitored by the software, and later send to you via your secured online account.

  • Step 3: Simply Login to Your Online Account to View All Logs

    In order to view all the logs that were gathered by PeekTab, you will need to access your online account. You can just input your username and password to get inside your account and simply go to your online control panel; this is where all the logs are saved.

(Video) What Is PeekTab and How Does It Work?

Discover the innovative features of PeekTab iPad Spy on this video…Find out why this software became the most popular app in the market today. Enjoy the video!

Why You Should Use PeekTab iPad Monitoring App

There are various reasons for using PeekTab and each individual has their own opinion on this software. Here are the most significant reasons:

  • Monitor the Activities of Your Kids – PeekTab can be used to monitor the activities, locations and also the people around your kids. You can track their exact location through the GPS feature of the software; it’s also possible to know the contact number of their friends and peers. But one of the best features of PeekTab iPad Spy app is to view all the sites that they’ve been visiting lately with their iPad. You can now protect them from inappropriate sites.
  • Track Company Issued iPads – If your company is issuing iPads to employees, then it would be wise to utilize PeekTab on each mobile tablet that you are giving your staff. You need to know if they are using their iPad for corporate activities or for their own leisure. You can also read each and every email that they have on their iPad, this will give you an idea if they are really efficient on their jobs.
System Requirements: PeekTab works with iPad and Android tablets. (1) All iPads MUST be jailbroken prior to installing PeekTab. You cannot download or install PeekTab if the iPad is not jailbroken. (2)The Android tablet must have a SIM slot for Text Message and Call Logging. An internet connection must be available for logs to upload.

PeekTab is now available for download. Buy Now!

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